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We specialise in building custom WordPress websites. We design, develop, maintain and manage medium to large WordPress websites.

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Not your average WordPress design solution!

Every website we build is unique and designed from the ground up. We only build custom templates for all our WordPress development projects.

Our Melbourne web design solutions ensure that your website is always securely hosted, maintained and optimised. Get in touch for an obligation-free consultation and find out more about our customers first solutions.

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Our Melbourne WordPress solutions

Migrating to WordPress

If you are currently using Joomla or Drupal and looking to migrate to WordPress? We certainly have experienced WordPress developers to help with the migration process.

If you have never looked at WordPress before please get in touch for a demo of WordPress to understand its strengths and limitations over other popular CMS’s.

WordPress Optimisation

Most WordPress websites operate very slow because of the many plugins and scripts installed on the website. We help businesses rebuild and customise their websites to work faster by bringing our proprietary templates and methodologies that comply with most SEO standards.

Monitoring and Maintenance

We monitor and ensure that all the websites we build are updated regularly. Both the core and plugins of the website are upgraded as soon as there are new releases. The upgrade will ensure that all our websites are secure.

Custom Themes

As an integral part of every project we take on, we typically generate a custom Toffy WordPress theme. Our themes are much easier to manage and upgrade, moving, making maintenance to the WordPress core a breeze. This keeps our websites secure from threats.

Shared Intelligence

Through our theme, designs are unique, the architecture under them are the same. In this way, we learn and develop better user interfaces, better security, better code performance, better SEO, and an enhanced customer solution for our entire cluster of clients.

Compliance and Licencing

While most providers will strive to use free plugins in their builds to enhance their profit margin.

We strictly minimise the use of plugins and only use fully licenced plugins, ensuring legal compliance is maintained.

SEO Optimisation

Our SEO optimisation solution is comprehensive delivering onsite SEO optimisation for WordPress websites we build.

We also develop a strong content strategy based on the topic of your business. Our content strategy often involves onsite article writing to build on local blogs and guest post article writing to post on external blogs.

Building passive leads in the form of website traffic build stronger exposure to your website and brand.

Website Support

Our ongoing support includes support for your Marketing and Sales teams. Developing landing pages, rich emails, content, graphics and videos to support new campaigns to promote your business.

Unlock permanent access to ongoing support by engaging us from month to month as your ongoing Digital Design Department.

Some of Our Clients

Victoria Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission
TWU Victoria and Tasmania
Pronto Melbourne Contractor

A Local Solution

We provide a locally grown Melbourne WordPress solution and will always strive to keep at least 80% of the services we use within our Australian shores. That includes the third-party companies we use to buy plugins, images or videos we use on websites.

Keeping our business base in Melbourne is a priority for our organisation and encouraging our multicultural WordPress Australia community. We however employ people from all countries, all denominations, and all walks of life.

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