Hi my name is Joseph Fernandez

My friends and family describe me as a person who cares too much, a big cuddly bear!

As a naturally empathetic being, it made sense that my career would gravitate towards UX Design. My journey to becoming a UX designer has been far from linear, but I am so glad I work in the UX Field. I bring a wealth of knowledge from my past experiences in Design, Advertising, Web Development and Business.

Lets catch up!

My Journey

From the beginning of my career, I had the privilege of immersing myself in the world of digital design, a realm I remain incredibly passionate about.

I’ve always possessed a natural aptitude for anything related to art and being a naturally empathetic being I always seam to provide or intuitively understand what the client wanted. My passion for client satisfaction led me to a deeper self studying of usability design and eventually UX design.

Following my initial education at Monash University in Melbourne, I began my professional journey as a web designer and developer within renowned advertising agencies. I constantly kept gravitating towards technical projects that required a UI designer.

Over the years, I developed a profound understanding of web development. Understanding object-oriented programming, has proven invaluable in my interactions with technical developers and UI coders on several design projects. I’ve worked on over 200 web development projects over the course of my carer and interacted with over 700 small, medium and large companies.

Subsequently, I established my own digital design consultancy, Toffy Digital, which I nurtured for over a decade. Our clientele spanned a diverse spectrum, from small enterprises to medium-sized public organisations. We even partnered with a few successful companies and developed e-commerce websites that we later sold for a tidy profit.

After years of managing my Toffy Digital, I decided to re-enter the workforce and joined a forward-thinking team dedicated to crafting large-scale products. Today, I proudly hold the position of Senior UX Designer at SSW Melbourne, a journey that began with my recruitment by Adam Cogan, the company’s chief architect.