Hi and welcome to my website.

Those close to me often portray me as someone with a profound sense of care and highly attuned to modern design standards.

Given my innate empathy, it was only natural for my professional path to lead me to become a UX and Product designer. Although my journey to becoming a UX designer has been anything but straightforward, I am grateful to be part of the UX field.

Drawing from my diverse background in Design, Web Development, and Business, I contribute a rich tapestry of experiences to my work.

Lets catch up!

My Journey

Since the inception of my career, I’ve had the privilege of immersing myself in the dynamic realm of digital design, a passion that has endured over the years.

With an inherent flair for the artistic and a natural empathy that allows me to grasp and fulfil client needs intuitively, I delved deeper into the intricacies of usability and eventually found my calling in UX design.

My journey commenced with education at Monash University in Melbourne, propelling me into the professional sphere as a web designer and developer within prestigious advertising agencies. My affinity for technical projects, particularly those demanding a UI designer, became a recurring theme.

Over time, my expertise expanded, culminating in a profound understanding of web development and object-oriented programming. This proficiency proved invaluable in collaborating with technical developers and UI coders on various design projects. With a track record of contributing to over 200 web development projects and engaging with over 700 companies of varying sizes, I honed my skills and insights.

Subsequently, I founded my digital design consultancy, Toffy Digital, which flourished over a decade. Our clientele ranged from small enterprises to medium-sized public organizations, and we even forged partnerships with successful companies, developing and selling e-commerce websites for a substantial profit.

After years of steering Toffy Digital, I chose to re-enter the workforce and align myself with a forward-thinking team dedicated to crafting large-scale products. Today, I proudly serve as the Senior UX Designer at SSW Melbourne, a journey that commenced with my recruitment by Adam Cogan, the company’s chief architect.