FPE ChatGPT-powered AI ChatBot

French Payroll Expert (FPE) tasked us to design and develop bespoke ChatGPT-powered applications tailored to meet the specific needs of FPE’s clientele. These applications will leverage OpenAI’s GPT-4 architecture to deliver highly interactive and intelligent conversational experiences.

My Role in this project was the lead UX designer responsible for the UX Research and UX UI Design of the project.

View Figma prototype


The Challenge

“Create a ChatBot to communicate with clients by referencing and training on account-specific documents.”

My Role

UI Designer in a Team of 3


UI figma prototype
Design documentation


3 Months



The UX Process

Discovery and Research

Gain a deep understanding of the project scope, client requirements, and user needs by conducting Client Interviews, Customer Interviews and comprehensive Competitive Analysis.


Define and Ideate

We defined clear project goals and generated ideas for the application’s design and functionality. We created User Personas and user Journeys and ran Ideation Sessions.


We created Wireframes that then got converted into active prototypes in Figma, which were later presented to clients and developers for further refinement.

Usability Testing was also conducted as part of the design process.

Testing and Iteration

Further UX and Accessibility testing was performed once the developers had completed a large part of the development process.


By following this UX process, we delivered a custom-built ChatGPT application that not only met but exceeds client expectations, providing users with an exceptional and engaging experience.