Attune Server Automation

Attune is a server automation and orchestration start-up. I joined this brand as the VP of Brand and was responsible for creating the online branding strategy and UX design for the public-facing website and online application.

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Challenge Statement

“Design an application that is easy for engineers to automate complicated tasks and scripts on servers easily.”


UX Designer in a Team of 3.


Market Research and Analysis
User research
Brand Design
UI Prototype Application
UI Prototype Website
Advertising and Documentation Website


November 2020 to July 2022



User flow

UI Web Development

UI Web Development

UI Web Development


Project Management

UI Development

UI Development

The Process

Competitive analysis

  • Develop S.W.A.T analysis based on existing quantitative data of American IT markets
  • Explore competitor software, their features, and plans
  • Demonstrate and receive feedback from companies like SolarWinds and Kmart IT

User Research

  • Review new and existing users of the application and document potential pain points.
  • Demonstrate and receive feedback on new features from potential clients looking for a product.
  • Testing and observing new engineers using the product for the first time who have never used the product.

User Personas

Developing user personas of who is using the product from User Research.

MVP - Minimal Viable Product

Based on features that needed to be implemented, we scheduled a set of features that needed to be developed to build a product that would fit into the required product space.

User Journey Map

A user journey map was developed to track the user navigating through the application.


Based on our research, we explored the possibility of several names.

Each name was tested with a small focus group and tested on several key factors, such as domain name, regional recognition, global brand positioning and more.

“ServerTribe” was the name that came out of approximately 3 months of research, analysis and iterations.

UI Website Development

A website was built from the ground up to showcase the product documentation and as a point of sale.

The website was built on WordPress using custom-coded template , CSS and SCSS.

UI Application Design

A UI was developed from the recent research activities, entirely re-thinking the layout and approach. We followed a quick and interactive process of developing the UI.

One of the main successes of all the brainstorming and iterations during the UI Design process was the concept of streamlining the process or streamlining the user journey to make it more intuitive. The application is now approximately 50% easier to navigate than what it was before.


Major highlight РWe completely  rethought the user journey, making it more intuitive and straightforward than any other product out there. It now followed a more robust process that is being marketed as major feature of the application.

The project is still undergoing significant UI development.

The product continues to gain popularity, existing clients renew their contracts and play a pivotal role in the feedback of new features.

Brand Design

Website Design and Information Architecture (IA)