Setting up a task in

Follow these steps to create a task in

  1. Log into Taiga at
  2. Go to the project dashboard
  3. Find your project
  4. Go to Kanban
  5. Take note of the headers of the rows you see here in Kanban, imagine this is the workflow your developer and you will use in your project.
  6. Click the + to add a new task.
  7. Enter the relevant information relating to a task and click create.
  8. Now you will see a task sitting in the “NEW” column.
  9. Click the title of the task to edit the task. Ensure that you have entered the task brief, and assign it to a team member. Note that once you have assigned a task to a team member, it is always better to leave a comment if your task needs to be updated.
  10. Once your task is set up, you will have the freedom to click and drag a task to any relevant column in Kanban. This will show project managers and team members where each task is in its development life cycle.


And its that simple to set up a task in, feel free to explore there are numerous shortcuts that will allow you to move faster in Taiga. Like the bulk list button that allows you to add multiple tasks all at once.

Watch out: Each row will create a new task.

Ultimately the more you play around with Taiga the better you will become.