Final Cut Pro and iMovies Sharing Domain Compression Error

In recent months I’ve started using iMovies as a faster way to put photos together into a simple slideshow and the ability to also move a project to an iPad is ultra handy, they have almost identical workflows. I, however, faced an unusual issue on a brand new MacBook Pro device when Sharing a movie both from iMovie and Final cut. For some reason, it was creating this issue when trying to compile an MP4 file.

The error:
The operation couldn’t be completed. ( error -1.)

Comparing machines:
Luckily I had a Mac Pro not far away, and I began investigating. The main difference I could see was that I had “File Vault” turned on the New MacBook Pro device. I thought this could be the problem as the encryption of read-write data on MacBooks has known to slow down the device and also cause battery drain at times.

The solution:
The solution was quite simple for me, it was simply turning off FileVault and leaving the mac alone to complete its de-encryption process. Which took a fair bit of time. As soon as this was done, and I restarted all started working as it should and exports to MP4 started working just fine there.

I am unsure of why encrypting the hard drive would cause, it could be that its a bug when writing larger files like movie clips to the hard drive, that could cause this issue. Or by de-encryption has just cleared the master file cache which has been reported to solve the problem in some other threads. Anyhow, I am happy that this has solved the problem for me, and I hope this can help someone out there.