Setting up a K2 category listing menu item

  1. Log into your Joomla administrator section
  2. Then click the Menu drop, select the menu you would like the new K2 Category listing to appear under, and then click “Add New Menu Item”
  3. After entering the name of the menu item, now click on the select menu item type
  4. Then select K2 > Categories
  5. Then go to the options tab and select the different Categories you would like to assign to this menu item.
    Remember that all the articles from these categories will display on the page of this menu item.
  6. The following setting on the page is also important but not critical. If you are unsure of the values of what goes into each setting: leave them as their defaults.
    1. Leading count
    2. Columns for leading
    3. Primary count
    4. Columns for primary
    5. Columns for secondary
  7. Click save.
  8. You should now have an active menu item that displays all the Articles in a Category. You should now be able to see the Category with its description + all the articles assigned to the category. The following is a list of Jobs assigned to the Jobs category (In this screenshot there is only one Job item assigned to the Jobs category).