Creating a menu item that is not listed under a visible menu in Joomla

  1. First, create a menu item or find out if your site has a menu item that is hidden from the rest of the website, ie. it does not appear in position within the Joomla template.
    In the following example, we have called this menu: “System Menu”
  2. Then simply create your menu item under this invisible menu.
  3. Now it gets a little tricky, as there is no visual way of simply copying the menu item. You will need to manually work out the link to this hidden page.
    For our example, we are going to try to get the link to the menu item “Been Discriminated against?”.

    1. I understand that the base site link is:
    2. I can see that this is listed under Campaigns so immediately I get the alias “campaigns” and know this is going to form the first part of the link soon after the domain name
    3. Next, I get the alias of the “Been Discriminated against?” which is “been-discriminated-against” page and place it at the very end of the link.
    4. Remember all the elements are separated by a ‘/’
    5. Now that I have all the elements I need, I manually create the menu link:
  4. You might notice that once you go to the page, you might have to go to the modules section to enable other menu modules to appear on this page.