The Awesome ORCA OR-26 Camera Bag Review (Revisited)

ORCA OR-26 Video camera bag is one awesome bag, and I was so glad to showcase this video in my very first YouTube video. Looking back on this video after 2 years of being locked up due to covid-19 in Melbourne, I sure think that I’ve put on a lot of extra pounds. Needless to say that I’ve been working on a whole lot of WordPress projects vs actually moving around with this bag during this period.

Keep in mind that this review is done by a person who is a Web Designer 99% of the time and uses video for about 1% of his marketing work. I’ve tried to keep it very objective and tailored to more professional camera users, but this bag has just not seen the use a professional cinematographer would.

Orca or-26 video camera bag

I love the Orca or-26 Video camera bag, but I was rather disappointed that it did not have its signature inbuilt bag light, which is present on almost all of its other bags. In my opinion, the internal camera light is a must-have for every videographer because let’s face it, when you’re covering a wedding or another event, there is just not a lot of light to work with, especially when you’re scrunched down in a dark corner.

Orca Bag LED Light
Orca OR-14

After doing quite a few events over the last 5 years, I can now say that if I was to re-buy a video camera bag and went for an Orca bag, there was no chance I would choose this bag. The lack of this one feature is a deal-breaker for me, now having lived with the bag for an extended period of time.

The only other disappointing thing about this bag is that it does not come fully loaded with many goodies and extras like Tenba tend to do with most of their video bags.

Beyond that, there is a lot to love about this video camera bag; it is versatile, light has plenty of room to store your camera full-rigged up camera for any run and gun event. The roller is a particular advantage if you are carrying this bag through an airport, and the super durable skateboard styled wheels on the roller will get you through most situations.