Getting ready for your video shoot

Ultimately it’s up to you the talent to deliver a performance that will engage with your intended audience. The more practised and prepared you are, the higher the video production quality will be. The following are some essential tips to help you prepare for your upcoming video shoot.


  • Please ensure that you are well dressed and well presented on the day of your shoot and maybe even carry a spare shirt or pants that you might consider changing into just before you get in front of the camera. Always remember that your video has the potential to reach thousands if not millions of viewers, so looking your best is of top priority.
  • Please do not wear checked or striped clothing, as they cause a strobing effect on videos when played on YouTube or other social media platforms, especially when viewed on a mobile phone.
  • Try to wear non-reflective seeing/reading spectacles if you have them. It is significantly harder to shoot directly at performers’ faces when they use highly reflective spectacles as they produce unnatural reflections.

Personal Presentation

  • Making yourself as presentable is very important, your video could quickly go viral, eventually attracting millions of viewers.
  • Shooting in 4K can sometimes be very unforgiving, so wearing your best makeup, having a clean shave, or trimming those unwanted nose hairs can add significantly to the production value of your video.
  • Do what you usually do when you meet someone for the first time and want to make an excellent impression.
man shaving for video shoot
Get ready to impress!


  • Please be aware that we will require a lavaliere mike to be placed on the clothing of all talent presenting, and a lead might be run inside or outside your clothing.
  • Non-destructive gaffa tape is often used to secure the mic to your clothing.
lavaliere mic attachment for video shoot
lavaliere mic attachement


  • It is always a great idea to have a written script, even if they are very loose dot points.
  • A great script can also be improvised, and we encourage you the talent to improvise on a pre-written outline when delivering to the camera.
  • We also encourage you to bring your script in printed or digital format (on an iPad or similar). You will be able to place or occasionally glance at this script during your shoot.
iPad used for script reading
Script reading


  • Practice makes perfect! The more you practice with a script the more natural you will come across when delivering to the camera or interviewing a person on camera.

Timing & Delays

  • It often takes us 45 minutes to an hour to set up lighting and cameras, so please ensure that you are aware that we might be onset early to prepare for the shoot.
  • Often we are shooting a group of people or seen together, be aware that your turn to jump in front of the camera is subject to the person who might be going before you, and there might be delays. Often shoots can be delayed up to 2 – 3 hours, so it’s best to keep your schedule free to accommodate such delays.


  • Please be aware of the locations you will be filming at. We often shoot at multiple locations on the same day, and you will need to be mindful of travel arrangements if required in a particular film seen.
  • If required, you will be individually responsible for gaining security access before the intended shoot date.

On Screen Direction

  • Our main job during the day of the shoot is as “Directors of Photography”, please be open to some stage direction and guidance.
  • Our main goal is to produce a highly professional and creative video that speaks volumes to the audience watching it. 
Actor performance guided by seasoned directors
Actor Performance

If you have any questions about your video shoot, please get intouch with us before the day of your shoot; we would be more than happy to recommend or provide advice that can help you be more prepared with your production.