5 tips to Improve your first impressions

The following article is a summary of a video by a personal coach and writer, Shadé Zahrai, on how to improve your first impressions using 5 scientifically backed tips. This summary is based on the author’s interpretation and might vary from the content presented in the original video.

Tip 1: Demonstrate Warmth and Competence

(The stereotype content model: Warmth first, then competence)

  1. Warm: People tend to trust other people who are non-competitive and friendly.
  2. Competence: People are more likely to respect you if you:
    1. Appear Confident,
    2. Have conviction in what you are saying
    3. Appear to know what you’re talking about

Tip 2: Improve your profile

  1. Warm people maintain eye contact (Critical)
  2. Smile (More likely to trust you)
  3. Appearing well groomed will make you appear more competent.

Tip 3: Use the 3-second pause (3SP)

  1. Before you respond to something, count to 3 in your head. (Short counts till 3) and then reply.
  2. Pauses emphasise on essential points you want to make.
  3. This encourages trust and avoids awkward overlapping moments.

Tip 4: Parallel Development (Commonality)

Commonality developed The Halo Effect

  1. Commonality drives connection, connect on an authentic human level
  2. Do your research by looking up their profile on LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube or an Internet search to find common elements you can relate to.
  3. Make other people feel valuable, and you become valuable.

Tip 5: Improve Proximity

  1. We tend to develop more of a liking if it’s familiar to us (The mirror exposure effect or the familiarity effect).
  2. Make yourself simply available to them.
  3. Spend more time with them, listen to them, and they will be more likely to like you.

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