Do you number tasks in your communications?

How often have you looked at walls of text in emails, Teams messages or Jira Tasks and tried to decipher the tasks the writer would like you to perform?

This communication standard’s goal is to turn list numbers into actionable call-to-action statements that the reader can directly respond to. Whenever a user sees a numbered list they immediately understand that they have been assigned a task that they should try and respond to.



  1. Numbers – Use numbers to denote a task. Use A,B,C, or bullet points for items other than Tasks. The goal of using a standardised way of listing tasks is to communicate within a group that the list item is a Task and should be actioned.
  2. Clarity Try to make each task concise and clear.
  3. Task Ownership – Address a list of tasks to the person responsible. You can address multiple people with different functions in the same email.


Hi Zoey,

As per our conversation, I am very happy with what you’ve done. They look stunning.

❤️ My favourite – Option 12.

We need a few minor changes to make these designs awesome:

  1. Can you make the title colour dark purple?
  2. Can you include a map of Melbourne City somewhere?
  3. Can you set up a link to the Contact Us page with the CTA text “Talk to us now” right at the bottom of the text?

Thanks for all your work,


Figure: ✅ Good example of assigning follow up tasks

❤️ Reference: This content is an abridged version sourced from the SSW Enterprise Software Development website where I once worked.