Do you reply in line?

Inline replies facilitate effective communication by addressing individual points or questions directly within the body of the message.


  • When replying to a message containing multiple points, tasks or questions, address each point separately within the body of the original message. This will give the reader a clear flow of information vs having to scroll up or down to view the original messages repeatedly.
  • Indent the original message, task numbers or bullet points to differentiate between each point for better readability.


Looping in Steffi – She might be able to give a better perspective as the office manager.

Hi Alison, 
> After reviewing the report, I’m curious about the 40% increase in office expenses.
I was also concerned about that. I’ve included Steffi; she can give you a deeper understanding.
> 1. Can you summarise why you think this has happened?
Not Done – I cannot do so as I am not on-premise. As mentioned above, Steffi should come back with some comments.
> 2. Can you provide a detailed breakdown of the expense list?
Done – Please find attached a detailed list of monthly office expenses from Xero.

Figure: ✅ Good example of indenting text and tasks of an email

❤️ Reference: This content is an abridged version sourced from the SSW Enterprise Software Development website where I once worked.