Do you get your communications checked before sending?

This guideline provides practical steps and best practices for reviewing and refining messages before they are sent, enhancing professionalism and reducing misunderstandings. It applies to all written communications, including emails, Jira tasks, Backlog items, memos, and any other communication document.



The following are just a few reasons when and why you should try and get communications checked:

  • Assigning or confirming tasks: When sending or assigning tasks, it is best you review the task with the person before sending a written communication. This will help avoid misunderstandings and delays in execution or feedback on certain tasks. It is best to have a Teams call with the person so they can make real-time updates or changes if required. Ultimately this will make things clearer and digestion of information quicker.
  • Feedback: It’s always best to check your input before posting it, especially in public spaces like Jira or DevOps. Sometimes, written feedback can be taken in the wrong spirit, even if you have the best intentions. Checking your tone of voice, especially when you are in doubt, might foster better relationships in a team.
  • Meeting notes: Meetings can be long and fast-paced. If you are scribing information during a meeting, getting a teammate to cross-reference your notes for accuracy before you post them is a great way to ensure accuracy and credibility.
  • Official communications: Reports and official communications should be thoroughly reviewed before dissemination to maintain credibility and professionalism.


Include “Checked by”

When you get someone to check your communication, add (Checked by) at the top of your email. This will give your email credibility by signalling to the reader that it was read by someone else.


(Checked by Steffi)

Hi Steffi,

As per our conversation this afternoon, you are comfortable taking over the following tasks for our Mother’s Day promotion, which will be held in our office cafeteria on May 12th.

⚠️ Please have all the artwork ready and printed items delivered by the 7th of May so there is sufficient time to install them.

  1. Can you create print-ready artwork for the following items?
    1. 4 x A3 posters
    2. 1 x Pull up banners ( 610mm x 1500mm)
    3. 1 x Mini pull-up banner
    4. 1 x Social media frame
  2. Can you get the cost approved by accounting?
  3. Can you get these printed at Office Works?
  4. Can you deliver all items to floor 18, 555 Collins st?
  5. Can you or the office admin set up printed items?

Thanks 🙂

Figure: ✅ Good example – Steffi had joe check this email before it was sent

❤️ Reference: This content is an abridged version sourced from the SSW Enterprise Software Development website where I once worked.