Digital Marketing 101: Create a Simple Digital Campaign

Digital Marketing 101 How to Create a Simple Digital Campaign
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A Guide to Digital Marketing for Start-ups and Businesses just trying to establish their brands

Just starting your first business or start-up? and not really sure how to get started with Digital Marketing?

This document is perfect for early startups who are yet to develop a digital marketing plan. The main objective of this document is to demonstrate how you can formulate a basic digital strategy to get the best out of your marketing dollars. And we all know how important those marketing dollars are at the very start.

A digital marketing plan is a little different to a normal marketing plan that might also encompass events or other guerilla marketing.

This is why the team at our Melbourne Web Design studio have decided to put together a very simple PDF guide on how to get started with Digital Marketing.

Building a website won’t work on its own; you will still need to generate traffic that would then lead to sales conversions. A digital marketing strategy’s main objective is to get the right audience to the right landing page, product or service on your website and this guide will show you how to get started.

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