5 Crucial Steps to Boost Your WordPress SEO

WordPress is a free and open-source blogging platform focusing on aesthetics, web standards, and usability. It is the most popular content management system (CMS) and one of the most powerful blogging platforms in use today.

Improving your WordPress SEO is crucial for getting more website traffic. If you are serious about increasing organic web visits, pay attention to SEO best practices.

Here are five crucial steps to boost your WordPress SEO and get more organic traffic.

boost your WordPress SEO
Mobile optimisation helps with WordPress SEO

O1 Mobile-Friendly Website

According to statista.com, 90% of the world’s internet population uses mobile devices to go online. It is evident that almost all your website traffic will come from mobile.

With Google reporting that 61% of users were unlikely to return to a mobile site they had trouble accessing. Even worse, 40% chose to visit a competitor’s site instead. A poor mobile-friendly could prove disastrous for your business.

Based on this stat, it makes sense that Google rewards websites optimized for mobile. Your website should be easy to navigate on mobile screens.

We prefer developing custom WordPress websites as they are a lot easier to build and manage. If you need an expert opinion on the best web design strategy for your business, reach out to us. Our dedicated Melbourne Web Design developers constantly strive to build light and efficient WordPress templates so our client websites can be mobile-friendly and load fast.

02 Develop a Killer Content Strategy

Google, Yahoo, and Bing love fresh, regularly updated, and high-quality content. To Boost Your WordPress SEO, develop a content strategy that will drive visitors to your website. Your key objective should be to create website copy that is search engine optimized.

Although “content is king” is a famous digital marketing mantra, not all content is good content. To derive maximum benefits from your content strategy, curated content to increase your domain authority on the key topics you want to be known for.

After you’ve identified your core topics and content goals, create your content strategy. Note that different sales funnel parts will require other content, and your audience needs will evolve as they move through the buyer’s journey.

Melbourne WordPress content writer
WordPress content writer hard at work

A blog is an excellent way to fill your website with relevant and high-quality content, and this will help your website to build high page authority and rank higher in the SERP. Demandmetric reported that businesses with blogs produce an average of 67% more leads monthly than companies that don’t blog. These companies promote their content on social media, email, and other digital advertising channels to drive traffic to their website.

03 Perfect Your On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is a set of rules for optimizing individual website pages using relevant keywords. On-site SEO results in a higher ranking in the SERP, attracting more visitors and ultimately conversion. Optimizing the on-page elements of your website is vital to the search ranking of your business.

After identifying relevant keywords, optimize your website pages using keywords in key areas as follows:
URL structure: Although the URL structure plays a minute role in SEO ranking, an optimized URL allows search engines and potential site visitors to understand the link destination.

  1. Title tag: This is a simple but essential on-page SEO element, and it is displayed in the SERP and title bar at the top of a web browser.
  2. Body text: This is the main text in a webpage. Body text is the most important section where your keywords go, and it contains the information your site visitors are looking for.
  3. Meta description: This appears in search results, and it is a summary of what a webpage entails. If your meta description contains your target keywords, it is more likely to receive organic traffic.
  4. H1 tags: These are the headings visitors will see when they land on your website. They show what your website entails and should also contain the keywords relevant to the page content.
  5. Image alternative attribute: Another effective way to boost your WordPress SEO is by adding keywords to your images. Image alternative text provides textual information to describe images when a user is unable to view them.
Melbourne web design speed check
impatient website users

04 Optimize Your Images

Many web admins think that the most essential parts of a website are the homepage, contact page, and blogs. But, do you know that images can make or mar a website’s SEO?

According to Neil Patel, Google image search represents 10.1% of the search engine’s traffic. Therefore, it is good SEO practice to optimize your site images as well. The only way to achieve this is by adding alt text to help search engines identify the asset and rank it.

05 Optimize Your Site’s Performance and Speed

Recent research shows that the average human attention of a new website visitor is shorter than that of a goldfish. Visitors can leave a website within the first few seconds of trying to get to it or arriving on it. So you only have a few seconds to pitch your products or services and engage your site visitors. You do not want to exhaust these critical few seconds with a slow loading website.

User experience is an important search engine ranking factor. As a result, Google prioritizes fast websites in the SERP – resulting in high ranking positions.

To improve your site speed, get intouch with us about hosting with one of our local Melbourne Web Design
s hosting providers.


With these 5 essential SEO tip’s you are on your way to ranking your website high on Google, Bing, Duck Duck Go and Other search engines.

If you need a professional Melbourne website design company to optimize your website, we love to help. Please book an appointment with us today to get an obligation-free quote by clicking here.

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