Best image sizes to use for Social Media posts

The following should only be used as a rough guide when creating your images.

Facebook, Twitter, Google+ all do a great job at resizing and re-orientating images automatically from posts or pages on your website. So if you are stressed about creating a single image to fit on both, don’t, Just Choose the size with the maximum height and width, and ensure that the view safe area of your message is no greater than the minimum recommended width of your social media platform.

The following are preferred image sizes to be used when creating images on social media posts

  • Twitter
    • Width: 900px
    • Height: 450px
  • Facebook
    • Width: 1200px
    • Height: 630px
  • Google plus
    • Width: 582px
    • height: 282px
  • YouTube (Thumbnail)
    • Width: 1280px
    • Height: 720px