Toffy’s enlightening journey of change

It’s been a little more than 20 days since we launched which was a massive upgrade from the website, which was not just a massive design/graphics change but also a massive shift in the way we think, the way we work, and what we can offer.

Our mindset change:
So far its always been about the revenue, we did and took on any jobs that came our way – no questions asked. However, that has not worked out for us. We often find that if we take on just the design work, the development is lacking or vice versa. However, that has not worked out for us in the past, and this had to change. Now we only want to take on clients we can become partners with and actively feel that we can contribute to the growth of their company sales. We also strongly believe that we are leaders in the design field, and ask that a company should really only hire us not because we can develop but because we can design fantastic products. We strongly believe that is no longer viable just to have a product that works, it also has to look beautiful.

A mental change was followed by a physical one
We really asked ourselves are we using the most efficient / well-secured system that works for us. And the answer was a resounding NO. With our fully specced out PC’s crashing with every major turn we took, we decided that switching now to a more efficient platform was the best thing for the company. Yes, we threw out all our Windows PC’s and bought Mac’s which has Quadrupled our efficiency. And as a result, we are not just MAC coverts but have become MAC evangelists. The change soon, lead to a migration from all Android-based devices to an entire sweet of iOS devices.

Our new service offerings

Here is the list of the new services we have recently added on:

  1. WordPress development
  2. Video production (Lights, camera, action!)
  3. Video post-production (Editing)