Digital Strategy

We have a clearly defined strategy, an easy to follow approach that is used on most our projects. We work with an Agile methodology so we keep things fairly fluid throughout a project lifecycle. 

Our Approach


We just ‘Listen’ to your corporate wants and needs. We take detailed notes, and ask a few questions that will help us that will help us assess how we can best help your business achieve its goals.


Based on our discovery notes, we then formulate an approach that is presented in the form of a presentation and scoping document. The document will clearly outline the project objectives and how we will achieve objectives. Design and technical briefs are developed at this phase of production.


We then design non-functional wireframe mockups or storyboards that are based on the project outlines developed in the assessment phase. Designs are presented to you for further approval before they we move onto the development phase.


Now that we have a visual representation of what the project will look like, we move onto developing the design or storyboard with lots of technical magic.
We are a custom to test as we go, but we always have a phase towards the end, where we test a project vigorously on different platforms.


Once a project is developed we proceed to launch it and deploy relative awareness campaigns that instantly draw visitors to this new project.


We are big on ongoing monitoring and Maintenance, to ensure our projects are always secure and online.

We are also big on collecting and learning from our existing deployed projects. The data we collect on your project today will help us develop better projects for you and your audience tomorrow.