MPC Flip Book WordPress Plugin Migration problem


So we approached MPC via a ticket and this was their response:

"Flipbook is using serialized array ( ).

Simple search & replace method, while transferring Flipbook settings is not enough. The data are saved as a serialized array.  This method include a string length parameter inside the saved data. So, this value has to be adjusted after changing the string length (for example domain name)."

And they recommend the following steps which worked like a charm.
Before you proceed to remember, backup your backups and then try this out:

  1. Download a copy of  ‘wp_options.sql’
  2. Use a service like:
    which essentially searches and replaces serialized code.
  3. Once at the link:
    1. Enter link to be replaced
    2. Enter the new link
    3. enter the security number
    4. Upload the wp_options.sql file
    5. Click Process MySql
    6. And your new SQL file should automatically download
  4. Delete the old ‘wp_options.sql’ and upload the new ‘wp_options.sql’ file with the newly serialized SQL File.

These steps did it for us. And now everything works just fine.