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Since the onset of Flash, website designers now have a medium that allows them to be very creative and still keep online file sizes to a minimum. It is still widely used in online advertising for the creation of interactive website banners of all sizes that can be displayed on websites or billboard displays.

However over the last few years, Flash has proven to be a very insecure and unstable platform to develop in. And as a result, has been abandoned by numerous agencies in the industry. Importantly it is unable to compete with the rise of HTML5, allotting more versatile, light weight and future proof. We continue to support flash based projects, but only on a small scale.

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Mac and iOS


Flash is not supported by any iOS or OSX (Apple devices such as iPad, iPhone etc) and will require a separate installation of the Adobe Flash Player to be installed on the user’s browser to view any Flash content. Users are prompted to install the flash player if their browser or device is incompatible.

Though we love this authoring tool it is our opinion that the future of this authoring tool is uncertain. With the ever expanding advanced of HTML5 and video streaming technology, the same level of interactivity and animation that was once exclusive to Flash can now be achieved with advanced HTML5 and video product.

We also provide a professional video production and editing service so give us a call to find out more about how we can produce some interactive advertising for your business.

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