Joomla 3.8.1 is out

Joomla users, Joomla 3.8.1 has been released today and there is no reason why not to upgrade. It addresses a few bugs that did not get ironed out with the 3.8 release. This upgrade is mainly a bug fix release.

It is important to keep your Joomla version up to date, to ensure optimum security and a bug-free environment. It is also important to make small incremental upgrades to your Joomla core, rather than jump 2 or 3 versions at a time. That is bound to break things in your website which will eventually become a more expensive fix.

Some of the problems addressed in this release are:

  • Joomla! 3.8.1 addresses several bugs reported after the 3.8.0 release, including:
  • Fix handling of image srcset attribute #17978
  • Some plugin events were triggered multiple times #18066
  • Redirect plugin not redirecting correctly #17997
  • Removed checks causing some admin menu items to be hidden #18156
  • LDAP login broken #17989
  • Visit GitHub for the full list of bug fixes.

If you are not backing up your database and version controlling your files via GIT before you hit the upgrade button.  We strongly recommend that you get in touch with us, we have a failsafe process in place which will ensure minimum downtime if the upgrade somehow breaks your site.