A brief Introduction to how we use ACF Rows in our templates

To make things a little easier Toffy Digital WordPress Templates use a system called rows that are integrated into a large part of its website architecture.

What are rows?
Rowns enable a user to create specific content based on what the user is trying to create. The main advantage of using rows is to enable seamless insertion of content, some with complex functionality that is not included in the WordPress core. It is now easy to add things like banners, multi row columns, multi row images with rows. Rows give’s us the ultimate power to create beautifully laid out pages. Rows can be enabled on other parts of the website such as custom post types.

To add a row to a page, simply click the “Add Row” button which will bring up a list of available rows that you can then go ahead and add to the page. The names of each of these rows describe the special functionality of each row, for example, the “Page Banner” row adds a carousel banner into the page.

Currently, Active Rows are:

  1. Page Banner
    (Add’s a page carousel page banner to a page with images and supporting text elements)
  2. Content blocks
    (Add’s in content from posts, pages or custom post types that can be selected individually. Typically only the ‘Featured Images’ + Excerpt are inserted into this row. This can, however, be easily modified to include other content such as date and category)
  3. Form
    (Add’s in a form that has been created in Gravity Forms)
  4. Post groups
    (Add’s in groups of posts or custom post types
  5. Content – Default
    (Add’s in rows of content and images as required)
  6. Subsite menu
    (Add’s the second or third level of a menu as a row)