Important Notes:

Using open graph is the easiest way to integrate images for social media cards on Twitter and Facebook.
The following are steps to add an image to your article that you might share on Twitter or Facebook.

  1. Log into Joomla
  2. Go to K2 items and create a new item or edit an existing item. (Component > k2 > Items )
  3. Inside the article locate the images tab located near the content tab.
  4. Upload an image or select an existing image from the server.
  5. Save your item.

Turning off the image display from within an article.

  1. Go to Component > k2 > Items and select an Item.
  2. Go to display settings > Item view options
  3. Select Image > (Select) Hide
  4. Please also make sure you fill out the relevant meta tag information under the “Publish and Metadata”, this meta tag info is what facebook and twitter pull into their site over text content.

Turning off the image display for a set of articles in a category

  1. Go to Component > k2 > Categories
  2. Select a category
  3. Display settings > Item view options > Image
  4. Select Image > (Select) Hide