Send yourself tasks so you do not forget

This article is based on information from the article Dones – Do you send yourself emails? published by SSW Enterprise Software Development a company I used to work for.

In today’s fast-paced world, managing a myriad of tasks, appointments, and responsibilities can be challenging. Sending yourself reminders is a crucial component of an effective communication system that ensures nothing falls through the cracks.


How to:

  • Address yourself – Address “To Myself” with a message or action tasks you must complete.
  • CC – relevant people in the conversation
  • Reply – When replying back, reply to the person who is dependent on your completing the task

✅ Good Example

To Myself,

As per my conversation with Peter and Lucy, in addition to the original changes requested, they would also like to see the following changes.

  1. All pages – Can you replace the standard logo with the logo with the tagline?
  2. Page 20 – Can you remove the reference to aged care facilities on line 10?
  3. Page 30 – Can you add credit to Peter, Lucy and Joseph?


Figure: ✅ Good example – Send yourself reminder emails after a meeting