Looping people into communications

This article is based on information from the article Do you know how to add or remove someone from the conversation? Published by SSW Enterprise Software Development a company I used to work for.

Looping people into communications involves actively including relevant individuals in conversations, updates, and decision-making processes. This practice fosters transparency, enhances collaboration, and ensures everyone is informed and aligned with the organization’s goals.

By looping people in, organizations can leverage diverse perspectives, prevent misunderstandings, and build a culture of inclusivity and trust. This approach ultimately leads to more effective problem-solving, increased employee engagement, and a stronger sense of community within the workplace.


Step 1: Identify Relevant Stakeholders:
Determine who should be added to the conversation based on their expertise, role, or stakeholder interest.

Step 2: Add “Looping in” and the person’s name.

Step 3: Provide Context:
Provide sufficient context about why you are looping in the person.

Let’s jump in and build on the example we use when we assign a task status to a reply.

✅ Good Example:

(Looping in Alison – as she is a developer and might be able to help)

Hi Jo,

> 1.Can you make the title colour dark purple?

Done – The colour is now purple

> 2. Can you include a map of Melbourne City somewhere?

Not Done – Implementing a Google map of Melbourne will require a developer.

>3. Can you set up a link to the Contact Us page with the CTA text “Talk to us now” right at the bottom of the text?

Done – A link is now set up with the CTA “Talk to us now”
The link on staging can be viewed here.

Hi Alison, 

If possible:
  1. Can you give me an estimate of including a Google map on a page?

Email: ✅ Good example of adding in someone who can help

By looping in Alison and addressing her directly in the second half of the email, we indicate to all readers that a task is incomplete and we need help from another person. In this case, we seek help from Alison, but first, we need an estimate before we proceed with getting more work done.