How to correct Emails?

This article is based on information from the article Do you know when and how to send a v2 of an email? Published by SSW Enterprise Software Development a company I used to work for.

When mistakes are made in cloud-based files or project management systems like Jira or Confluence, they are easy to update and correct. However, correcting an email or calendar invitation that has already been sent is impossible without sending an update.

People might often get confused about why a second or third email with the same title and content is being sent.


The fix:

We resend the email with a version number (V2, V3, V4) that indicates to the user that the previous version should be ignored.



Step 1: “Reply all” to the same email thread.

Step 2: Include the version number at the top of your email.

Step 3: Include the version number (V2, V3, V4 etc).

Step 4: Include why you are sending a new version after adding a hyphen.

Step 5: (Optional) Highlight mistakes in red from your previous email.

❌ Bad Example

Sorry Joe, I spelt your name wrong.
I also wanted to add that all the source files can be sourced from this link.

Email: ❌ Bad Example – of correcting mistakes and adding missing details

✅ Good Example

V2 – Sorry fixing spelling of name and providing additional information

Hi Joe,

> 1. Can you make the title colour dark purple?

Done – The colour is now purple

> 2. Can you include a map of Melbourne City somewhere?

Not Done – Implementing a Google map of Melbourne will require a developer.

>3. Can you set up a link to the Contact Us page with the CTA text “Talk to us now” right at the bottom of the text?

Done – A link is now set up with the CTA “Talk to us now”
All source files can be downloaded from this link.
Thanking you,

Email: ✅ Good example – Joe sends a V2 to correct a previous email