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This article is based on information from the article  Quality – Do you know how to request a “Test Please”? published by SSW Enterprise Software Development a company I used to work for.

Requesting “Approval” on work that requires verification or validation before completion. This practice upholds quality standards, prevents errors, and enhances output.

If you are working with a Product Owner, always ensure they have Approved a task before closing it out.



Step 1: Include a Task List with the words “Approval Required”

Step 2: Provide links or attached file names of the documents, designs or material you seek approval for.


Expected Outcomes:

  • ✅ Approved – You are happy with the work
  • 👍🏼 Approved – pending changes” – You are happy with everything provided a few minor updates are made. No need to seek approval again.
  • ❌ Changes Required – Many changes are required. A new “Approval Required” process is needed if changes are made.

✅ Good Examples - Request

Hi Lucy,

I’ve just completed writing the new Social Standards Guide, which is based on the brilliant research work done by Paul and Lucy. I require this document to be approved and distributed to all our staff internally.

  1. Approval Required – for attached Social-Standards-guide.doc



Figure: ✅ Good example – Requesting a Test please on the content of a document

✅ Good Examples - Reply

Hi Joe,

Great work on this document; I think it is nearly there but it still needs some more work.

> 1. Test Please

Changes Required – Please see my list of changes:

  1. Page 13 – Can you include a link to Teams for all relevant platforms like Mac, PC and Android?
  2. Page 14 – Can you include a guide on some of the basic functions of Teams?
  3. Page 20 – This looks like the old product disclaimer, Can you include the new product disclaimer from this link?
  4. Page 22 – If you agree Can you change the image to someone who might be holding a mobile device?
  5. Page 25 – Can you include a QR Code to our website contact page ?

From Matt.


Figure:  ✅Good example – reply to Approval required