Get your communications reviewed before sending

This article is based on information from the article  Do you use ‘Checked by xxx’? Published by SSW Enterprise Software Development a company I used to work for.

Whether it’s an official announcement, email, Jira task, or text message, getting communication reviewed offers a fresh perspective, catches potential errors, and refines the delivery to resonate better with the intended audience.

When assigning tasks, it is also good practice to get the recipient to review the message before sending it so they can better understand the objectives and avoid misunderstandings and delays.

An extra set of eyes will always help deliver the right message and tone of voice, especially when giving feedback; written messages can often be digested in a way you did not intend. So, when in doubt, have a conversation before hitting send.

When you get someone to check your communication, add (Reviewed by + [Reviwers Name]) at the top of your communication. This will give your email credibility by signalling to the reader that it was read and confirmed by another person.

Lets jump in and look at a good example.

✅ Good Examples

(Reviewed by Matthew)

Hi Matt,

As per our Team’s conversation with Mary and Luke, I am very happy with what you’ve done.

❤️ Our favourite – Option b.

We need a few minor changes to make these designs awesome:

  1. Can you make the title colour dark purple?
  2. Can you include a map of Melbourne City somewhere?
  3. Can you set up a link to the Contact Us page with the CTA text “Talk to us now” right at the bottom of the text?



Email: ✅ Good example – Steffi had Joe check this email before it was sent

By adding the “Reviewed by” message to the top of the email, it signals to the reader and all recipients that this email is checked by another teammate.

The chances of any error and miscommunication have been dramatically reduced.

Now that our messages are clear, let’s examine how we can effectively respond to them using our next standard, Respond Inline.