Do you reply “Done” when you finish a task?

When you reply Done to a task it ensures clarity and efficiency in acknowledging task completion.


  • Reply “Done” Upon successfully finishing a task
  • Reply “Not Done” if the task cannot be completed
  • Include a Clarifying message after your “Done” or “Not Done” message
  • “Not Done” might require a follow-up task to individuals who might be able to complete the task

Looping in Steffi – She might be able to give a better perspective as the office manager.

Hi Alison, 

> 1. Can you summarise why you think this has happened?
Not Done – I am unable to do so as I am not on-premise. I’ve looped in Steffi; she will be able to give you a deeper understanding.
> 2. Can you provide a detailed breakdown of the expense list?
Done – Please find attached a list of monthly office expenses.

Hi Steffi,

As per our conversation:

  1. Can you reply to Alison’s query?

Joe 🙂