Digital Design for ASX Listed Companies

We are a digital design organisation offering multimedia services to ASX listed companies and prefer to be paid in company shares, if this would benefit your company finances.

Our core offering includes:
Branding, Logo Design, Website Design and Development, Print Design, Social Media Marketing and Video Production.

*Conditions Apply

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Solutions we provide


A primary service designed to bring coherence via a marketing strategy.


Perfect to design your customer experience, defining important aspects that will translate your business visually.

Logo Design

Create beautiful modern logos defined by your project branding.

Graphic Design

The perfect solution to dress up Presentations, Announcements, Documents and more for investor use.

Website Design & Development 

A specialised solution perfect to keep investors up to date with the latest news from your company.

Video Production

A proactive solution that can be used to film AGM’s or important messages from Directors to potential investors and more.

Social Media Broadcasting

The perfect solution to maintain and broadcast all related advertising materials to social media fans.

Webinar Support

A solution designed to setup, monitor & record presentations & engagements with current shareholders.

Ongoing Support

A service designed to constantly maintain website security and constantly update the website with the latest news and announcements.

Some of our Projects

Our Approach:

Digital marketing is often neglected as a luxury in a start up or a small cap company, and we have noticed that in the short time we have been investing in companies on the ASX. So we wanted to bring a hassle free solution that will help companies with their digital marketing while not draining their existing cashflow that is required to developing critical assets in their company. Hence the entire purpose of this solution to accept shares in your company, to become part of your family.

Our Service Plan:

Based on your requirements we formulate a simple plan that typically spans for a minimum 12 month period. Each plan contains a set number of hours dedicated towards major tasks (such as Logo Design or Website Design) or limited number of hours that are capped from services that are required month to month (such as social media broadcasting or general ongoing support).

What’s the catch?

There are just a few. None of these terms are set in stone, and we are open to discussing their terms.

They are as follows:

  1. This offer is only open to publicly listed companies.
  2. We expect an some extra bonus shares or options based on the amount of work that is required for a project.
  3. Costs of production such as printing of brochures, website hosting, domain registration and renewal, accommodation, webinar services fee, flight costs are not included within the scope of this service outlined and will be charged directly to your company if required. These third party services will be required to be paid separately by your company.
  4. Certain services such as video post production are restricted to Melbourne only. However our video editing services can be used if footage is provided.
  5. We expect a full issue of shares within 60 days of signing an official engagement contract.
  6. Minimum service engagement applies.

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