This guideline provides practical steps and best practices for reviewing and refining messages before they are sent, enhancing professionalism and reducing misunderstandings. It applies to all written communications, including emails, Jira tasks, Backlog items, memos, and any other communication document.



The following are just a few reasons when and why you should try and get communications checked:


Include “Checked by”

When you get someone to check your communication, add (Checked by) at the top of your email. This will give your email credibility by signalling to the reader that it was read by someone else.

Looping in individuals ensures that all relevant stakeholders, contributors or helpers are informed and engaged in discussions, leading to better transparency, collaboration, understanding, and decision-making.


When mistakes are made in cloud-based files or project management systems like Jira or Confluence, they are easy to update and correct. However, correcting an email that has already been sent is impossible without sending an update.


How do we fix wrong emails?

We Send a V2

How often have you looked at walls of text in emails, Teams messages or Jira Tasks and tried to decipher the tasks the writer would like you to perform?

This communication standard’s goal is to turn list numbers into actionable call-to-action statements that the reader can directly respond to. Whenever a user sees a numbered list they immediately understand that they have been assigned a task that they should try and respond to.



  1. Numbers – Use numbers to denote a task. Use A,B,C, or bullet points for items other than Tasks. The goal of using a standardised way of listing tasks is to communicate within a group that the list item is a Task and should be actioned.
  2. Clarity Try to make each task concise and clear.
  3. Task Ownership – Address a list of tasks to the person responsible. You can address multiple people with different functions in the same email.

Inline replies facilitate effective communication by addressing individual points or questions directly within the body of the message.


Requesting a “Test Please” on work that requires verification or validation before completion is encouraged. This practice upholds quality standards, prevents errors, and enhances output.



How to request a “Test Please”?

Expected Outcomes:


Hi Zoey,

I’ve just completed writing the new Social Standads Guide document which is attached to this email.

  1. Test Please – Social-Standards-guide.doc



Figure: ✅ Good example – Requesting a Test please on the content of a document

Hi Joe,

Great work on this document; I think it is nearly there but it still needs some more work.

> 1. Test Please

Changes Required – Please see my list of changes:

  1. Page 13 – Can you include a link to Teams for all relevant platforms like Mac, PC and Android?
  2. Page 14 – Can you include a guide on some of the basic functions of Teams?
  3. Page 20 – This looks like the old product disclaimer, Can you include the new product disclaimer from this link?
  4. Page 22 – If you agree Can you change the image to someone who might be holding a mobile device?
  5. Page 25 – Can you include a QR Code to our website contact page ?


Figure:  ✅Good example – Requesting a Changes to the document being tested

❤️ Reference: This content is an abridged version sourced from the SSW Enterprise Software Development website where I once worked.


(Checked by Steffi)

Hi Steffi,

As per our conversation this afternoon, you are comfortable taking over the following tasks for our Mother’s Day promotion, which will be held in our office cafeteria on May 12th.

⚠️ Please have all the artwork ready and printed items delivered by the 7th of May so there is sufficient time to install them.

  1. Can you create print-ready artwork for the following items?
    1. 4 x A3 posters
    2. 1 x Pull up banners ( 610mm x 1500mm)
    3. 1 x Mini pull-up banner
    4. 1 x Social media frame
  2. Can you get the cost approved by accounting?
  3. Can you get these printed at Office Works?
  4. Can you deliver all items to floor 18, 555 Collins st?
  5. Can you or the office admin set up printed items?

Thanks 🙂

Figure: ✅ Good example – Steffi had joe check this email before it was sent

❤️ Reference: This content is an abridged version sourced from the SSW Enterprise Software Development website where I once worked.